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Author bio (2023)

Taru Kumara-Moisio

Genres: Finnish weird, sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk

Taru Kumara-Moisio (b. 1976, she/they) is an award-winning Finnish author whose passion is to write touching science fiction and fantasy and other strange stories. She is particularly interested in myths, interaction and the boundaries of humanity, and is known for the clever way in which she looks at the world from the perspective of a child as well as the inner child living in all adults. She has published three novels for adults and two for young adults, and her short stories can be found in various anthologies and magazines. She has been nominated for the SFF Rosetta Awards in 2021 (My Finnish Taniwha, translated into English by Christina Saarinen). Her first book for children, a surrealistic story about a sleeping dog called Dali, will be published in 2023. 

In addition to writing, Kumara-Moisio works as a drama teacher and theater director. She is known for using live-action role-play as a teaching method, and has written and led numerous educational live-action role-playing games about climate change, literature and historical events.

She lived in New Zealand with her family in 2012–2014, where she started writing My Finnish Taniwha.

Bibliography 2014-2023

Novels for adults

Maan vetovoima. Atrain&Nord 2014. A historical novel.

Taniwha. Osuuskumma 2019. A magical realistic fantasy novel.

Tenho. Enostone 2022. Written together with Pulmu Kailamo. A historical novel.

Novels for young adults

Ihmisversoja. Atrain&Nord 2019. A sci-fi novel.

Taivaanjuuret. Atrain&Nord 2022. A sci-fi novel.

Picture books 

Koiranunta. Enostone 2023. A surrealistic picture book.

Short stories

Kia ora. Portti magazine 1/2014. Fantasy.

Puhukaa, älkääkä koskaan lopettako. Usvazine online magazine 1/2015. Finnish Weird.

Aivot X-5200.1. Osuuskumma 2015. Sci-fi, AI.

Harjoittelemme. Osuuskumma 2015. Finnish weird.

Jäsenkorjaus. Osuuskumma 2015. Finnish weird.

Leiki yli hautojen. Osuuskumma 2015. Fantasy.

Marraskuinen kouluvieras. Osuuskumma 2015. Finnish Weird.

Vihan voimalla. Osuuskumma 2015. Fantasy.

Menninkäistwist. Osuuskumma 2016. Finnish Weird, historical.

Tuikkimisen alkeet. Osuuskumma 2016. Steampunk.

Pirun lukusilla. Osuuskumma 2017. Finnish Weird, historical.

Ristiaallokossa. Osuuskumma 2017. Finnish Weird, historical.

Sisimmältäni olen. Osuuskumma 2017. Finnish Weird.

Viimeinen ajatus. Osuuskumma 2017. Sci-fi.

Rauhaan. Osuuskumma 2018. Sci-fi.

Kivisydän. Helmivyö 2021. Finnish Weird, historical.

Umpu. Osuuskumma 2021. Sci-fi, AI.

Translated short stories

Fundamentos del centelleo. Luces del Norte. Osuuskumma International 2016. Transl. Laura Villella. (Tuikkimisen alkeet)

By the Power of Hatred. The Self-Inflicted Relative. Osuuskumma International 2017. Transl. Donald Adamson. (Vihan voimalla)

The Final Thought. The Self-Inflicted Relative. Osuuskumma International 2017. Transl. Donald Adamson. (Viimeinen ajatus)

Tala, och sluta aldrig tala. Trollguld och andra berättelser. Osuuskumma International 2018. Transl. Linn Wilhelsson. (Puhukaa, älkääkä koskaan lopettako)

Other translations

My Finnish Taniwha. Osuuskumma International 2020. Transl. Christina Saarinen. (Taniwha, a magical realistic fantasy novel)

Introduction to My Finnish Taniwha

“‘This is our year abroad,’ Ella’s mother gushed on the aeroplane. ‘Bai bai, Finland!’ When Ella asked why, Mum said everyone needs a little adventure now and again. Her father explained it was an opportunity for him to gain international work experience. Ella would have been satisfied with a week at the beach.”

My Finnish Taniwha (translated into English by Christina Saarinen) is a tragicomic novel about a Finnish family spending a year in New Zealand. The parents enjoy their time in Auckland, but their daughter Ella is lonely. The novel tells of fear, the thirst for life, and the beauty and horror of the world. In a foreign environment, Ella learns to watch even familiar faces more closely than ever before. This magical realist story delves into the heart of what it means to be human and speaks volumes by asking: who are we to one another? 

My Finnish Taniwha was nominated for the SFF Rosetta Awards in 2021.

Praise for My Finnish Taniwha:

“The harshness of the events comes through strongly and even shockingly but is not over-played, I think. I like the little moments of wisdom, insights, that give relief from the nastier events and decisions. The best thing is that the reader wants to read on, to know ‘what happens next’.” – Donald Adamson

(Cover: J.S. Meresmaa)

My fantasy novel My Finnish Taniwha is available in English (translated by Christina Saarinen) on Amazon and iTunes. Check out the book trailer video in YouTube!